About Lilac
Learning Center

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the standard for special education services in our community.

About Us

Lilac Learning Center has provided behavior support in homes, communities, and schools since 2016.

Lilac Learning Center, formerly Lilac City Behavioral Services, was founded in March of 2016. Initially, LLC only offered home-based ABA therapy in Spokane until we opened our first clinic in 2018. We then became the first and only non-public Agency in the Spokane Community in 2021. In 2023, we moved into the Five Mile Prairie School and are continuing the legacy of effective education in this historic building.

Our Service Philosophy

Individualized Services

All LLC services are individually personalized. Our assessment and treatment planning involves extensive collaboration between the clinical team and your family.

Collaborative and Results Focused

We collaborate with your child’s entire care team to address critical needs. We design the treatment approach and review data together on a regular basis to ensure progress. Our aim is to help your child achieve meaningful milestones and long-term independence.

Meaningful Change

We focus on teaching skills that make a substantial impact on day-to-day life, help reduce challenging behavior, and achieve long term independence. Younger clients often work to develop communication and foundational school readiness. Older clients may focus more on enhancing self-help, leisure, and daily-living skills. Our comprehensive plans use research validated strategies to ensure effective, ethical, and meaningful care.

Our Spokane office opened in 2016 and expanded our services with a clinic in 2018 and a special education program in 2021. We relocated to the Five Mile Prairie School in 2023.

Our Locations

We provide ABA Therapy, Special Education and Wraparound services to support each client in all areas of need.



Our Team

Jeffrey Kalles

Chief Executive Officer

Bradley Bishop

Chief of Staff

Megan Graeber

Behavior Specialist, Teacher

Ricci Goguen

Behavior Specialist, Care Coordinator

Marija Horvatek

Clinical Services Coordinator


We offer a unique blend of a relaxed atmosphere and professional service. We apply ABA principles to support our staff, creating a workplace that delivers top-quality care in a healthy work environment.

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